Friends of Illicit Grooves

Podcasts and radio Shows we Recommend

The following links are to websites, podcasts and radio shows which we recommend for their musical content and because we like the people behind them. All have the #IllicitGroooves seal of approval but please do make up your own minds. This is the hugely informative blog from fellow Roasted Grooves resident and BBE Music compiler Mike Peden  Dr Bob Jones has been one of the most influential Jazz, Soul and Black Music DJs for 50 years.  Still a Don.  An excellent website from the masters of presenting World music.  With fantastic guest mixes to boot, including one from Illicit Grooves  Patrick Forge; Don!! ‘Nuff said  Featuring Kev’s last ever live set from Shiftless Shuffle and his final radio shows.  Such a joy to have seen this man DJ over the years.  The Bump ‘n’ Hustle show from Bob Povey.  House music with soul from a DJ who is an encyclopedia of Black music. As the name suggests an eclectic mix of styles from the four balearic influenced DJs.  Great guest mixes too including one from Illicit Grooves  One half of Soul Power radio’s Monday night jazz club with fantastic tracklists  The other half of the Monday night Jazz club on SoulPower  Jazz and then some.  Tracklistings that are like the best ever music history lesson.  A man who gets his Boogie down

Nick Hosier and Hugh Chambers with a show that plays only vinyl and constantly has me adding to my wants list.  A very useful article for anyone wishing to explore Cuban music in situ  David Mancuso selecting…  Freeflowing music to open your mind  DJ Harv Taking us places  Eclectic Jazz from my fellow Starpoint Radio DJ Phil Levene  Andy Garvey’s Delectabeats show with beats from all over the world.  Mixes by Simon Skofield from Futuristica Music.  Hip-Hop to Jazz with broken beats and D n B too.  Always interesting and never cliche.  Brilliant JJazz mixes from Hamburg tasty latin, brasil, soul, funk, jazz, boogaloo, fusion, samba, afro, swing, boogie, disco :: setting pulses racing, feet moving and faces smiling :: since 1992


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