International Jazz Day 2019 & Illicit Grooves

After the confirmation back in January that The Return of the Illicit Groove would once again be an official partner for #JazzDay in 2019 we can now publish our list of events running from Friday the 26th of April to #JazzDay to itself on Tuesday the 30th.

Working with venues, Starpoint Radio and using The Illicit Grooves Radio Showour Facebook group & page and social media we will be adding to the rich mix of global events happening in celebration of #JazzDay 2019.

Organised by UNESCO and the  Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz #JazzDay has celebrated with a global gala concert every year since 2013.  This year’s concert will be in the host city of Sydney, Australia following previous hostings in New Orleans, Istanbul, Osaka, Paris, Washington DC, Havana & St Petersburg.  Next year sees Cape Town as its home for 2020.

Deep Thrills vol 6 cover

In celebration of these cities and their roles in #JazzDay we have put together a Deep Thrills Mean Something #AcrossTheTracks mix which will be played on The Illicit Grooves Radio Show this Friday 26th and then available as a podcast on the show’s Soundcloud archive on Saturday 27th.



Having been in Havana for the 2017 global concert it is such a pleasure and honour that The Return of the Illicit Groove is able to play a part in this global event and we look forward to being involved again in Cape Town in 2020.

jazz day 19 cover


DJ events
Friday 26th April – Illicit Grooves at Terroir Tapas every Friday from 7pm
Sunday 28th April – Illicit Grooves & Vinyl Sunday International Jazz Day Special

Radio Show & Podcast
Friday 26th of April – The Illicit Grooves Radio Show broadcast live on Starpoint Radio 11pm-1am (GMT)
Saturday 27th April – The radio show podcast/listen again available on Soundcloud via The Return of the Illicit Groove from 1pm (GMT)
Sunday 28th April – #DeepThrillsMeanSomething : JazzDay Host Cities mix available on Soundcloud via The Return of the Illicit Groove from 6pm (GMT)

Tuesday 30th April
Official Jazz Day Concert screening live from Sydney available via at 3pm (GMT)



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