Illicit Grooves Continues Its Relationship With International Jazz Day in 2019

So happy to announce that once again The Return of the Illicit Groove will be hosting official events for International Jazz day in 2019.

Running every April the 30th since 2012, this brainchild of maestro Herbie Hancock will this year feature a gala concert hosted by Sydney, Australia.

As part of the worldwide series of events we can so far confirm that The Illicit Grooves Radio Show ,to be broadcast on Starpoint Radio on Friday the 26th of April, will be one of our contributions to this annual celebration of the world’s truly global music genre.

The show will feature music from all the host cities and countries since 2012 including from South Africa in celebration of Cape Town being awarded the honour of hosting in 2020.

tigrads 26 april 19 jazzday banner

We will also be adding more events to the programme so please keep an eye on all

The Return of the Illicit Groove social media and listen in to The Illicit Grooves Radio Show for more details.

As always you will be able to view the gala concert from Sydney via this website.

You can also listen to the show we produced for the 2018 International Jazz day here.


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