The Languages of the Tambores: Compiled by Gabriele Poso. A Review

Album:  The Languages of the Tambores

Compiled by: Gabriele Poso

Out now on BBE Music

If you love your music driven by the percussive rhythms of the drum then you will love this album of tracks selected by Gabriele Poso; an album which documents, through music,  the enforced journey of the west African drum, Yoruba beats and people across the Atlantic to Latin America.  For this album is as much an anthropological document and cultural archive as it is an exciting and mesmeric set of tunes.


This is probably one of the most visceral albums I’ve experienced and is a very compelling mixture of rhumba, Afro-Cuban and Yoruba beats which link West Africa to Latin America in the way that the Santeria religion and which shares these rhythms as part of its ritual.

Though Italian himself,  Gabriele Poso studied percussion in Cuba and Puerto Rico and those influences are clear in his latest album Awakenings’ where his own playing style reflect the percussion and drums so prevalent on the tunes selected for this compilation.  His own track ‘Cafe de Ochun’ being clear evidence of this.

With a re-edited track from Kiko Navarro and several vocal tracks which blend the spiritual with the harmonic it would be easy to imagine hearing music from ‘Tambores’ in a DJ set from Masters At Work.  Indeed, this album also represents a producers goldmine with the drum breaks and rhythms evidenced here.

Highly recommend by all of us at The Illicit Grooves Radio Show ‘The Languages of the Tambores’ really is an album containing ‘Grooves From The Global Leftfield.’

The Return of the Illicit groove has created an #AcrossTheTracks Compilation Mix with a selection of tunes from ‘The Languages of the Tambores’ which you can listen to here.

A shortened version of the mix was included in The Illicit Grooves Radio Show from the 7th of April 2018.  Listen to the show here.

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